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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

themes and plays

Thanks J.B.:

I looked at my records and found the following themes for the SUUSIs I have
been to recently:

1992,The SUUSI Brothers
1993,Let There Be SUUSI
1994,The Miracle of Summer
1995,Jesus Christ SUUSIStar
1996,Searching for SUUSI
1997,How the Grinch Stole SUUSI
1998,The UU Files
1999,Return of the UUs
2002,Mid-SUUSI Night's Dream
2003,Forrest GUUmp
2004,Batman RetUUrns (or Batman Unmasked)
2005,The Hitchhiker's Guide to SUUSI
2006,Totally Wicked!!

Does anyone know what the title of TWOB in 2000 was? I have notes that
indicate that Closing Circle formed a square instead of a circle, and that
the caller was frustrated because he said that forming the circle was like
herding cats. The 1998 theme was a result of my replying to an email from
Mina Greenfield - extraterrestrials land on SUUSI.

Here are some other ideas I have come up with for possible future TWOBs at

The SUUSIvenient Truth
The SUUSInauts
The Sound and the SUUSI (takeoff on William Faulkner)
Sunset Canoe Adventure
Wake Up Little SUUSIite
SUUSI for President
Hurricane SUUSI
The Magic Waters (Viagra in the water supply)
The Bearable SUUSI (nature hikers encounter bears)
Goldilocks and the Three SUUSIites
>From Pritchard IT came
Gone with the UUind
The Wizard of UUz