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Sunday, May 14, 2006

SUUSI is coming

This year I have been to four concerts featuring past SUUSI stars - Peter Mayer (March 17, Williamsburg UU), Johnsmith (April 2, Richmond UU), and Greg Greenway (2005 November 18, Williamsburg UU; 2006 April 23, Richmond UU). They are all favorites with me. My favorites among them are Peter Mayer, "Farmer John" and "Dancing Song", Johnsmith, "This Night" and "Don't Put Me in a Box", and Greg Greenway, "Runaway Train" and "Something Worth Doing".

I am offering the same three workshops as last year, and in addition a fourth impromptu workshop - one on Sudoku, as well as displaying polyhedra and Sudoku at "Sun Dance", the son (or sun) of Community Time.

I hear this year that it's possible that the dining hall could get REALLY crowded after 5:15 pm this year. Maybe the SUUSI staff are trying to correct a problem that has existed for years when SUUSI has been at Virginia Tech, or maybe there is some other organization as well that is meeting at Tech that will jam up the dining halls at that time. In any case the staff is trying to get SUUSIites to eat at 4 pm, which will be impossible if you are on an afternoon nature trip.

See you all at SUUSI this year.

Jim Blowers


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